My Summer Bucket List

I love making lists, and for the last couple years I have been making a bucket list for each season. While my life list helps me to reach long term goals, I find that having ideas for each season enables me to live more in the moment. 

I hope you will join me in making a list of summer activities that fit your current lifestyle. 

Take a look at my winterspring, and autumn lists too! 

• Chalk Art Festival
• Picnic 
• Bike ride
• Walks to see roses and other flowers in the neighborhood
• Hike to a waterfall
• Hike a shaded trail 
• Hike up a mountain
• Pick cherries or apricots
• Go fishing
• Camping 
• Paddleboarding 
• Kayaking 
• See a field of lavendar
• Sunrise yoga
• Stargazing 
• Campfire parties 
• Walk through a rose garden
• Berry picking 
• Outdoor movie
• Ride rollercoasters!
• Barbecue with family 
• Waterpark! 
• Paint fight
• Watch fireworks 
• Sushi picnic
• Spend a day at a lake 
• Waverunners 

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• Smoothie Week (make a different one everyday)

• Coconut rose bath
• Orange rose bath
• Orange coconut bath
• Chill in a hammock in the shade 
• Lay in the sunshine with a book and bowl of fruit 
• Find sunscreen that smells good 

• Flowy skirts 
• Denim shorts 
• Light T shirts 
• All the sandals 
• Bright colors
• Chacos for hiking 
• Laceless sneakers
• Brimmed hat
• New bikini 
• Light weight, stretchy dresses

• Summer salad: dark greens, grilled nectarines and zucchini, blueberries, white cheddar, grilled steak, sliced almonds, tomatoes
• Bleu cheese & bacon potato salad
• Boneless, smoky crockpot ribs 
• Ballpark dogs 
• Homemade burgers with melted truffle gouda 
• Campfire Dinners 
• Grilled teriyaki chicken and Pineapple kebabs 
• Barbeque Greek chicken souvlaki
• Tropical fruit overnight oats
• Brisket Barbecue 
• Grilled corn on the cob
• Make a fancy smoothie bowl

• Dark chocolate zucchini cake 
• S'mores brownies 
• Campfire banana boats
• Strawberry rhubarb crisp with homemade macadamia nut ice cream 
• Hawaiian shave ice 
• Italian ice with custard
• Make ice cream
• Fruit Popsicles 
• Raspberry Lemon Cake
• Lemon curd & mascarpone chilled pie with an almond crust 
• Vegan coconut milk & Oreo ice cream 
• Homemade berry pie

Coconut Limeade 
• Raspberry, watermelon, coconut, lemonade smoothie! 
• Homemade Mint julep
• Iced Crio 
• Try Lorina sparkling lemonade 
• Pina coladas

• Coconut
• Rose
• Lavendar
• Strawberry
• Nectarine
• Peach
• Raspberry
• Mango
• Pineapple
• Apricot
• Lemon
• Zucchini
• Corn
• Tomatoes
• Cucumber

• Watch "The Sandlot"
• Barbecue 
• Sparkler photos
• Patriotic fruit pizza
• Wear red, white, and blue
• Watch fireworks 

I make a point every season to write down things I did or great things that happened to me throughout those months. This helps me to focus on all the happy memories I've received rather than what I didn't get to cross off my bucket list.

What is something you want to do this summer?  

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