My Bucket List

My bucket list is sort of a living document. It evolves with me as I grow from each experience and challenge in my life. 

Have you written down your dreams? The next step is to prioritize. What do you want to do the most? What adventure can you pursue at this point in your life?

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And without further ado,  here is my current bucket list: (follow this link to see my husband's list too!)

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Become a mother  
Get married 
Donate blood 
Donate plasma 
Volunteer in another country 
Perform on stage 
Do a back flip on a trampoline 
Climb a mountain 
Write a book 
Publish that book
Sell something I made
Organize a trash clean up 
Turn our house into a home
Volunteer at a soup kitchen 


New Zealand
Take my husband to Korea

Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

India - Celebrate Holi

Visit Mayan ruins 

Laie, Oahu

Chichen Itza, Mexico


Learn how to cook 
Learn a second language (Korean) 
Glass blowing class 
Get scuba certified
Fly a plane 
Pottery class 

Learn how to make sushi 
Fencing class 
Learn how to play the piano 
Learn how play the ukulele 
Learn how to crochet
Watercolor classes 

Floral design 
Digital photography certification
Sew an article of clothing 
Start a blog and keep it going 


Fly in a Hot Air Balloon 
Walk on Hot Coals 
Bungee Jumping 
Sky Diving 
Ride a Wave Runner 
Cliff jumping 
Jump off a waterfall 
Go Wing Walking
Fly in a helicopter
Kayak among alligators in a bayou

Loving the sunset at my favorite place in the whole world


Go to a Rodeo 
Ride an Elephant
Go to Sea World 
Whale Watching 
Live in another country 
Try foods from as many countries as possible  
Paint Fight 
See and Touch Bio-luminescent Algae
Try all the cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory 
Stand-up Paddle Boarding 
Horseback Riding 
Ride a horse through an orange orchard in the spring (orange blossoms have the most wonderful smell, tied with plumerias)
Sky Lantern Festival 
Sleep on a boat for a whole week 
Camp on the beach (at Lake Powell) 
Make a balloon painting with darts 
Have a jello fight 
Full Body Zorbing Ball
Shotgun Shooting 
See my favorite band in concert 
Go to as many rock concerts as possible 
(I've lost count)
Kiss a stranger 
Be in a mosh pit 
Eat "live" octopus (I wanted to do this when I heard about it in Korea) 
Dye my hair 
Smash a watermelon 
Get a fish pedicure 
Sleep in a tree house 
Throw a surprise party for a friend 
See the Northern Lights 
Stay up all night and watch the sunrise 
Go to a trampoline park 
See the Ice Castles in Midway, UT 
Kiss on a roller coaster 
Make my own plumeria lei 
Swim in a cenote 
Deep Sea Fishing 
Explore a castle 

So much confetti at an OK Go concert!


Mud Run 
Color Run/Festival 
Run a Half Marathon (Would I do a full marathon? Yeah, not so sure) 
Spartan Race 
Ragnar Race
Be able to do Pull-ups
Rock climbing 
Learn how to Snowboard 
Hike to Havasupai Falls 
Climb one of the Seven Summits
Hike the Narrows in Zion National Park
Ice climbing
Hike the Na Pali Coast 
See an active volcano 
Touch a glacier 

What is one item on your bucket list? Share in the comments below!

Salt Lake City Color Run - September 2012 with my best friend

Dirty Dash - June 2012 with my sister and friends

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