A Flying Lesson Is Cheaper Than You Might Think


I had my first flying lesson this summer and it was incredible!

I found a deal on Groupon and for just a little more, my husband was able to fly as a passenger. If you go, be sure to ask your pilot if you can bring your kid. Right before our flight, our pilot, Wyatt, called and asked if we had brought our three year son along. I said, "We can do that?!"

So we brought him too at no extra charge! Wyatt showed our little boy a photo of himself on his first flight at the of age three. I thought it was really cute, even though our son didn't understand.

Of course, I was anxious to handle an airplane in both a good and bad way. I appreciated that our pilot had a laid back personality, very chill yet very in control.

As Wyatt taxied our little aircraft to the runway using the rudder pedals, he explained what I would need to do for take off.

I thought for sure we weren't going fast enough down the runway and so I was pleasantly surprised by how easily we lifted off the ground.

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how much of the actual flying I was doing, but Wyatt later told me I was in control of the plane 30% and 40% of the time!

Once we were in the air, it felt very much like steering a boat. I was careful not to jerk the wheel too suddenly so that we glided along smoothly through the air.

While doing his inspection, Wyatt asked where we would like to go. Options included flying over downtown Salt Lake City, Kennecott Copper Mine (the world's largest open pit mine), and Utah Lake. I chose Kennecott because it's a feature unique to Utah.

Later, as we maneuvered the plane toward the Oquirrh Mountains, I got a little nervous again. I had flown through mountains in Alaska (read about it here), and although it was breathtaking, I became keenly aware of how dangerous it can be.

Logic told me, our little plane was unlikely to crash into the enormous mine that looks like a mountain turned inside out. However, I didn't want to be the one to handle the controls as we flew over it.

Wyatt demonstrated how smoothly the plane could turn at the gentlest touch. We spiraled around the mine, looking down on the monstrous dump trucks. I had seen it from above once before as I kid, but never from up in the air.

My husband didn't expect to fly directly over the mine so he was pleasantly surprised too. Mostly, I was thrilled to practice flying a plane.

Once clear of the mine and surrounding peaks, I took the controls again, with Wyatt guiding me along. And here is where this flying lesson got more technical.

It's true that taking off is incredibly simple compared to landing. With no time to explain everything in detail, Wyatt calmly gave me instructions one step at a time. It felt good that he showed confidence in his ability to take over if I messed up, and he let me know that I was doing well. Even then, he was doing more than half the work.

Wyatt said we would practice landing a couple times. And so, once he touched down, he told me to take off again. This is called a touch-and-go. 

I liked feeling that little plane drop and lift again; it made me nervous in a good way.

Then we circled around to come in and land one more time. I'll admit, that second landing felt smoother to me, and I'm sure my husband would agree.

It was a fun to find a little thrill so close to home. Someday, I want to get my pilot's license and until then, I'd like to take a flying lesson somewhere stunning like, maybe, Hawaii!

If you want to see what it's like to fly a plane, search Groupon for deals in your area. If you're in the Salt Lake Valley, look up Aerotech Aviation for your flying lesson or you can choose a relaxing scenic flight. 

You must be 16 years old or older to fly. It cost just $50 dollars through Groupon for a single person, and an additional $30 for another passenger to join you. Ask if you can bring your little kid too! 

Would you rather take a flying lesson or a scenic flight? Where would you want to have your first flying lesson? Let us know in the comments below!


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