The Bucket List Chronicles is where adventurers who seek a life outside the mundane can come together and turn bucket list dreams into reality.


I'm a twenty-something Utah native who seeks adventures outside my comfort zone. My husband, Josiah, and I have been married since May of 2017. We had our baby boy in June of 2019 and our baby girl on December 31, 2021! We love our babies to pieces! And we are loving parenthood too!

I constantly crave the outdoors with a special longing to be in the mountains every waking moment. I love to read and I love that my husband shares that passion. Our dream is to have a massive home library. 

I love to travel (who doesn't?). That is, I hate being on cramped planes but I love being in beautiful, new places. I am always seeking out the thrills of life whether it be swan-diving off a bridge or making something new in the kitchen. 

I enjoy weight lifting, hiking, relaxing at the beach, trying new foods from all cultures, listening to Queens of the Stone Age, and Korean food. 


My motivation behind The Bucket List Chronicles is to inspire people to turn their scrawled lists of dreams into real life awesomeness. 

I believe in making the most of our situation in life. It's important to try new things no matter where we are geographically or personally.  When we seek what is most important to us, we gain a life full of wonderful people and purpose. 

As my favorite Parks and Recreation character once said, "My whole life is a giant mess and I love it." Let's each love our mess and seek to make it more remarkable everyday! 

Places to start: 
Take a look at my bucket list here!

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  1. Hello! Is there an email I can contact you with? We want to do a paint war and have some questions! If it’s faster, emailing me at ryant@cfcjax.com would be awesome.


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