Oahu Highlights: Things to Do, Adventures to Seek

My two favorite places in the whole world are Lake Powell and Hawaii. But if I had to choose to live at one of these locations, it would definitely be Hawaii! I have traveled to two of the islands now (Oahu and Kauai) and I hope to visit the rest someday. 

Today's post is just about Oahu, though. It's the most populated of the Hawaiian islands, and arguably, the most fun simply because there is so much to do! So, here are some ideas for your travels to the truly magical island of Oahu!


Monoa Falls: One of many waterfall hikes on Oahu

There are plenty of opportunities to get outside in Hawaii and there is much more to see than just the beach! Take advantage of these volcanic mountains and go on a hike in the jungle!

There are dozens of gorgeous hikes on Oahu. If you're looking for a scenic yet easy trail, go for Monoa Falls. This jungle trail is gorgeous! As you hike, you will walk through bamboo forests and a natural archway made of vines. I did this hike with my cousin and her five kids including her 5 month old baby! Her three year old daughter was able to do this whole hike without help. The jungle and the waterfall were beautiful!

My cousin and her five beautiful kids

There is something magical about walking a path walled by bamboo


I had to sneak in this photo for my love of all the flowers in Hawaii

There are few things more refreshing than classic shave ice on a hot Hawaiin afternoon. This treat is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Order yours with coconut or macadamia nut ice cream in the center. Choose multiple flavors of syrup to go on your ice such as passionfruit, orange, and guava, or pinacolada and mango. You can choose toppings such as condensed milk or coconut cream! 

I love shave ice and I want to eat it every single day when I am in Hawaii!


I would love to live in Hawaii, but I know I would never get any work done. I just can't resist going to the beach everyday. With unique beaches all around the island of Oahu, there is endless fun to be had on the Hawaiian coastline

Body boarding is a top favorite as well as snorkeling, playing in the sand, or just relaxing on the shore and watching the waves come in and out. You can settle down with a book, take a nap, enjoy the sunset, or even sign up for surfing lessons!

My cousin's oldest son gave me some tips for catching waves on a body board.

Soaking in the sunset with a classic silhouette photo shoot


If you stay on Oahu, it's almost imperative that you visit Pearl Harbor. There are free tours that will take you to the memorial built over the sunken USS Arizona. This hall is a place of peace and respect for those who gave their lives in the Pearl Harbor bombing. It's an enlightening and educational experience that should be sought by everyone who visits the island. Some survivors of the bombing have chosen to have their ashes buried in the hull of the ship so they can rest with their shipmates. 


Oh, there is so much great food in Hawaii. I love Hawaiian poke, Hawaiian barbecue, and all the Asian food! You have got to find yourself a tasty ramen house when you go to Oahu. My favorite was this chicken katsu and curry ramen served with bokchoy and, of course kimchi, because I just love all Korean food!


The Polynesian Cultural Center offers a unique experience on the northern side of the island. There are tons of activities during the day and Hawaiian dinner, and a show at night. The performance includes traditional dances from all Polynesian cultures. My favorites were the Maori and Samoan dances.

Nearby is the Laie Temple built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's a gorgeous building where people can be sealed to their families, meaning they can be together even in the next life. I visited this temple and the cultural center with my best friend from Korea. It was wonderful to spend this time with her. 


For those of you who find your way to Oahu, you absolutely must go to Ani's Bake Shop.
This is where I discovered the best pie I have ever had in my entire life! This tiny bakery can be found in Honolulu. And that pie! I still dream of it.  It's purple sweet potato haupi pie: The crust is made with some kind of cookie, shaved coconut and macadamia nuts. The filling is made with fluffy purple sweet potatoes, and topped with haupia (coconut cream). 

If you are blessed enough to taste this pie, let me know what you think! 

What do you most want to do on Oahu? Share with us in the comment section below!

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