Bucket Lists Are Not Just For Travelers And Adrenaline Junkies


First, I want to say that I don't care for the term "bucket list," but I use it because it's a common expression and a quick way to engage others in interesting conversation.

One of my favorite pastimes involves listening to all the things people want to do and the incredible things they have achieved so far in life.

Sure, I like to discover new things I might like to try. But more than that, discussing shared experiences is possibly the quickest way to make new friends.

Who doesn't get excited when they meet someone who has traveled  to the same country as them, or who has also been bungee jumping, or who loves the same book?

So, despite the ugly sound of "bucket list," it's one of my favorite conversation topics.

Sadly, I have had many conversations in which I have asked friends what is on their bucket list and they have stated something like, "There aren't a lot of places I want to go... and I'm not really an adrenaline junkie..."

Or I've heard responses like, "Well, I want to learn how to (insert personal interest here), but that's not really a bucket list thing."

What?! Please don't ever dismiss your dreams as not being worthwhile!

Your bucket list is what you want it to be and it has nothing to do with what anyone else is doing.

If you want to fly a kite because you haven't done it since you were a kid, put it on a bucket list! If you want to learn how to make pasta, put it on your list!

Whatever it is, if it's important to you, then it's important!

What you want to do with your life is a big deal even if it seems like something insignificant by comparison.

Besides, it's the little, everyday practices that make your life beautiful.

A good friend and I both have a toddler and a four month old. And lately, it's tricky for either of us to make time for new experiences, but that doesn't mean we have to hold off on our goals.

The key is to make the little dreams a priority when the big bucket list plans are currently out of reach.

In a recent letter (Yes, we send handwritten letters to each other), she had this to say:

"I have been trying to think of little things I have always wanted to do but never have. Not so much bucket list things, but more like I have always wanted to make my own cheese."

She wants to make mozzarella from scratch!

Maybe making cheese is not the first thing someone thinks of when contemplating bucket list goals, but anything you genuinely want to do is worthy of being added to your bucket list.

I would say most people I know are actually not interested in seeking thrills like skydiving. But that certainly doesn't make their dreams less worthy than others'.

It doesn't matter what it is. If you want to do it, it's a bucket list thing.

So, sit down. Write your list, break down your plans into tiny steps, and start living your dream one day at a time!

See this article for tips about creating a bucket list and how to start reaching your goals whether big or small. 


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