Unique Bucket List Ideas That Are Also Free

I love trying new things as much as I love practicing a hobby I have enjoyed for years.

But sometimes, when I get in a rut, and I want to experience something outside of my regular routine I simply don't have the funds to immediately go out and satisfy my craving.

So, I put together some ideas that are either free or mostly free. Some of these are volunteer opportunities and some are lifestyle related ideas while others are just for fun.

Next time you feel that you would rather not spend your weeknight binge-watching Netflix, try something on this list that looks interesting to you or use it as inspiration to come up with your own free bucket list ideas.

Then come back to this post and share your experience with me in the comments!

I had so much fun creating this list that it just kept growing so I created part two of free bucket list ideas.


It can be a short trail on your way home from work, and you could pack a picnic dinner before you hit the trails. 

Hike to a waterfall or a lake. You could literally just hike half a mile up a trail you have never set foot on and then turn back.

Just get outside and move for a little while. It feels so good!


I once did this every week for three months and it was great because I actually got to know the people whom I was serving with.

When contemplating the things we want to experience in our lifetime, it's easy to focus on the fun things that only benefit us and the people we already know. But have you ever realized that you don't yet know all the people you will love before you die?

You just might come to know and love the people you help through volunteering, so give it a try.


Tuck a handwritten note into the pages of  your favorite book at a public library. 

Write what you loved about the book and what you hope the next reader will like about it. Or just write a kind note addressed to a random human being.

Everyone deserves to be loved and it is possible to send out that love anonymously. Besides, anyone who wants to read your favorite book has got to be an awesome person, right?


Ginny Yurich started this social media movement to get kids spending more time outside and less time on screens. But you don't have to be a kid to benefit from more fresh air.

That means more reading outside, and taking naps outside, more walks and hikes, more flowers and birdsong, more starry nights, more swimming, gardening, picnics, and more fresh air even if that means you take your laptop outside to do work.

The coolest part about this challenge is that, even if you fail, you win. Maybe in one year all you will manage is 423 hours outside. What a beautiful year that would be!


I won't pretend to be an expert on this one. Do your research and don't be stupid when attempting it.


I haven't done this one yet, so I have no idea what it's like. If you have done this, please share in the comments!

I would strongly suggest that you do thorough research before dedicating your time to an animal sanctuary. Too many of these have unethical practices.


And cheat with a photo of yourself. I bet mine will look hilarious when it's finished, but maybe it will actually turn out.


Have you ever noticed that kids who have fewer toys are more satisfied with those toys?

The same is true with our digital media. In the days of analog photography, fewer and more precious photos were captured to save film. And now that we can take countless pictures, we do so way more than necessary.

But when we regularly cull our photos, videos, and other digital nonsense, those things we keep become more valuable.

Make it easy and try this method:

Type today's date (just the month and the day) into your Google photos search bar, and every photo you have taken on this date in previous years will pop up. Just go through those and only keep your absolute favorites. Do this every day for a year and you're done! Or do it until you forget, which will probably be tomorrow.


I only ever did this once.

Go the extra mile and start a campfire without a lighter or any matches at all.


I'm very passionate about this one, but I haven't been able to do it for a few years because of my two pregnancies.

Years ago, my brother was in an awful accident in which he lost most of his blood. He was given five units of donated blood and that wasn't even a full replenishment of what he lost.

I turned seventeen the next month and decided to donate back all that blood that was given to save my brother's life and then some. I hope to start up again soon.

It may not be glamorous but this is an opportunity to save a life and possibly more than one. If you meet the physical qualifications, please consider donating blood. Plus, you'll get free snacks.


I have yet to do this, but it is a dream of mine. Bone marrow is used in treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell anemia to name a few.

The donation is more time intensive than a blood donation but it has more lasting affects for those on the receiving end.


This is easier than you might think since Korean is considered the world's best writing system. Why? Because it's so beautifully simple, intuitive, and Korea has one of the highest literacy rates in the world at 99%.

However, learning to speak and understand Korean may prove more difficult than just learning the alphabet.

The US Department of State considers Korean to be in the top five most difficult languages to learn for native English speakers. Profiency in Korean requires approximately 2200 hours of study versus 600 hours to learn Spanish.

After living in South Korea for nearly a year and a half speaking it, studying it, and hearing it everyday, I became proficient in the language but not fluent.

Still, you should learn the Hangul alphabet because it's the best and it will only take about an hour or so to get it.


I actually love to declutter my belongings, though I don't get to do it very often because I don't have very much to get rid of anymore.

I once mentioned to a friend that getting rid of stuff can actually be exciting and quite liberating. She replied, "But I use everything I own."

Do you really, though? In this culture of insane consumerism, do any of us really use everything we have?

It may sound daunting to declutter, but I'm not suggesting you declutter your entire household. You could try going through just one drawer or only your shoes.

Who knows, it might feel good to discard something that's just taking up space.


If you haven't yet, you really should. You'll have more confidence when going out for sushi and you won't have to ask for a fork at a Chinese restaurant.

Learn how to hold your chopsticks the right way because it's the most comfortable and with practice, you'll get much faster at using them than if you hold them in some other way. 


This is a beautiful ancient craft that you can learn for free with paper you already have and a YouTube tutorial. You can make a crane, a rose, a carambola flower, an elephant, virtually anything.

Keep in mind that thin paper is easiest to work with, but it's not necessary, and most designs require square shaped paper to start.

When trying origami for the first time, a large sheet of paper will be easier, as well. So, start with a piece that's larger than you may have in mind to practice and then work your way to smaller and smaller designs.


Don't attempt this if you have heart trouble.

Ice baths are a little extreme but dipping into one even for a minute (if you can last that long) has numerous health benefits. It can reduce swelling and muscle soreness and give your immune system a boost.

Admittedly, this won't be free if you don't already have ice on hand, though it doesn't take much. But it is free if you have an icy body of water nearby.

If you try this at home, warm up some towels in the dryer right before you get in the bath. You can heat up your bed with a hot waterbottle or heating pad too and then cozy up under the covers to warm up afterward.

If you go to a lake or pond for an ice plunge, always take a buddy with you and warm up your car before you go out in the cold. Have lots of blankets and towels on hand, and maybe bring a hot drink with you.

Most importantly, always make sure you can touch the bottom. The cold will make you shake like crazy, it kind of hurts, and you won't be able to swim after a minute or so.

Keep in mind that when you immerse yourself in the cold water, you will freak out and it will feel hard to breathe. Don't get out of the water just yet. It helps to say aloud that you are okay and take long, slow breaths. After the initial shock passes, you will start to shake, your skin will turn red, and you will want to get out sooner than you had intended.

Having a friend close by to talk you through it and distract you will help.
An hour or so after your crazy ice plunge/bath you will feel amazing and that euphoria can last several hours.


Flour, eggs, and salt. That's all you need.

And it can be made without a pasta roller or cutter. The key is to gently lift and reposition the dough repeatedly as you roll it out with your rolling pin and and make it as thin as possible. Try rolling it between two sheets of parchment paper and press down hard on the rolling pin. 

You could make ricotta ravioli with a lemon sauce topped with pistachios and fresh basil!

In the fall, you could try making cheese and butternut squash ravioli with a browned butter and sage sauce!


I tried this and found a great tip. Measure 1.64 g of flour per 1g of egg and avoid adding salt because it can make the pasta brittle. 

Also, it was very difficult to roll out by hand, but I made it work. I'm on the lookout for a handcranked pasta machine that I can borrow next time. 

If I love it, maybe I'll buy my own. 


Don't knock it, 'til you try it. Free mechanical bull rides can be found in western themed bars. See how long you can hold on and have fun!

Which of these suggestions sparked your interest? Have you ever done any of these free bucket list ideas? Share in the comments! 

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  1. "But have you ever realized that you don't yet know all the people you will love before you die?" I LOVE this! What a beautiful reminder of amazing things and people to come!

    I have NEVER been interested in an ice bath before, I hate being cold and I hate being wet...now I'm thinking maybe I should try it at least once.


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